In September 2017 PCC worked with Imagination Australia and Telstra to help deliver the Vantage exhibition for Telstra business customers.

Complete Wifi Coverage

PCC worked with Telstra to rig and deploy over 300 access points throughout the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. Custom brackets and mounts we designed, laser cut and fitted with fast rig clamps to allow for the rapid distribution in a tight time frame.



PCC designed and delivered a 100+ trunked radio system. Full coverage was provided throughout the connvention centre and South Wharf precicnt. Customised inventory management software tracked usage of radios and accessories.

A custom radio sign out and barcoded asset management system was also built and facilitated the tracking of the radios and their accessories.


Device Configuration and Management

  • Configuration of various display devices
  • Setup and configuration of interactive presentations
  • Installation and remote management

The Team:

Colin Rendell
James Russell
Leigh Bowman
Simon Downs
Daniel Kerr
Cheryl Ward Pratt
Colin Harry